Want to experience some unique Fort Frances opportunities? Then plan your adults-only weekend and see what we have to offer!

Just because the sun goes down, it doesn’t mean the fun is over! Did you know Fort Frances has a growing nightlife? With adults in mind, let’s see what’s happening when the kids are away.

First things first, did you know Fort Frances has not just one but two of its own cannabis shops? It’s true! In 2018, marijuana for both recreational and medicinal use was legalized in Canada – we were just the second country in the world to do so! The stigma that may follow in other parts of the world has all but disappeared here in Canada, and Fort Frances is no exception.

Cannabis shops are a new and exciting business venture gaining popularity in Canada!

Borderland Cannabis is a one-stop shop for high-quality cannabis and hand-curated accessories in the Fort Frances area. A locally owned and operated family business with strong ties to the community, the team at Borderland are on a mission to educate, inspire, and drop the stigma behind casual marijuana use.

Borderland Cannabis promotes good times with great product, doing so in a fun, safe, accepting environment that will make you a lifelong customer. Located downtown, it’s really conveniently near the US border.

T Cannabis has an inviting storefront and knowledgeable staff, and is one of nine in a chain stretching across Ontario. They bring experience and a wide variety of safe, well-curated products, and offer convenient online ordering and curbside pickup. They promise exceptional service and top-flight products for all of your needs!

Cannabis is treated similarly to alcohol and tobacco in Ontario; the minimum legal age to purchase or use is 19 and adults can carry up to 30 grams in public, and driving while high is a major crime. Just remember to keep it within the law, and keep it on this side of the border.

When you cross the border, you’ll be greeted by signage for the Great Canadian Main Street. With great currency conversion rates, you’ll get great deals at local businesses that meet all of your needs. Downtown Fort Frances is full of special places – whether it’s clothing stores, pharmacies, gift shops, beauty shops, and unique restaurants, not to mention pop up markets and sidewalk sales – there’s something for everyone.

The Flint House combines old-school looks with today’s chic; it’s quintessentially Fort Frances! photo courtesy Flint House

After a long day of shopping, nothing beats cold drinks surrounded by good people. Luckily, we’ve got it covered. Here are four places we want to highlight, where the beer is cold and on tap, the food is amazing, and the atmosphere lets you unwind and enjoy a fun evening out.

The Copper Taphouse bar just screams northern Ontario! photo courtesy Copper River Inn
  1. Flint House brings the big city taphouse feel to the great North. As they say, “You may find it hard the believe that Flint House lives in Fort Frances, but there is no doubt that Fort Frances lives in Flint House.” Its rustic charm and modern amenities, combined with a five-star menu, are sure to be the talk of your trip!

  2. Boston Pizza is a well-known chain all over Canada, but is probably foreign to our southern neighbours. When one thinks Boston, they think chowder or seafood, pizza has its attachments to Chicago, New York and Detroit. The Boston Pizza chain got its unique name because the owner thought Boston sounded cool – that’s it! Since then, they’ve grown to become one of the country’s most popular hangout spots and bars, and the Fort Frances location is no exception!

  3. La Place Rendevous has a unique history, and its waterfront views of Rainy Lake are unparalled. Nestled on the scenic shores of beautiful Rainy Lake, the views are amazing, the food is delicious, the drinks are plentiful, and the atmosphere is relaxed and social. La Place Rendez-Vous is the perfect lakeside retreat for both out-of-towners and Fort Frances & Rainy River District residents to enjoy!

  4. Last and certainly not least is the Copper River Inn, featuring the Copper Taphouse + Grill, with the largest draft line up in northwestern Ontario. With 25 beer on tap, including regional favourites and seasonal brews, they’re available on tap and in test flights. A wide-ranging food menu combines the traditional with a northern Ontario twist, with huge portions and reasonable prices.

Outdoor seating and patios throughout the Town make dining a safe, enjoyable, intimate experience like no other!
photo courtesy Flint House

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