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World Class Fishing Experiences

Fort Frances is the ultimate haven for fishing enthusiasts looking to explore tranquil lakes and river systems. It’s no surprise that US tourists flock to our beautiful town, which shares a border with Minnesota and is just a short distance away from major Midwest US cities. As a natural arrival point for both casual and serious anglers, Fort Frances boasts an array of fishing opportunities that are hard to find anywhere else. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, we guarantee an unforgettable fishing experience in Fort Frances.

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World Class Fishing Experiences

Bass Championship

Summer 2023

Fishing enthusiasts can’t miss out on Fort Frances, a charming town situated right next to the famous Rainy Lake. This picturesque location is renowned for smallmouth bass fishing, making it the perfect destination for anglers looking to bait some big catches.

Fort Frances is also home to one of Ontario’s largest annual fishing tournaments – The Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship. This catch-and-release tournament has a prize pool of up to $50,000 and attracts global competitors eager to showcase their skills in the water. With previous winners amassing catch weights over 60 pounds over the multi-day tourney, it’s no wonder that Fort Frances is considered a top destination for fishing enthusiasts.

.But it’s not just about the competition. The weekend is packed with all sorts of activities, from kids’ contests to markets and street sales. And when the sun goes down, downtown concerts keep the party going well into the night. It’s a true celebration of fishing and community, and one that locals and visitors alike look forward to every year.

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Fort Frances is known for its abundant bass population, which can be found in the shallows or off the shore. Bass fishing is an activity that brings families together and creates lasting memories. Bass are also great fish for kids because they love bait and lures, are a nice size, and aren't as aggressive as some other species. And let's not forget the delicious taste of fresh-caught bass.


Fishing enthusiasts from all over Canada make their way to Fort Frances for a chance to catch the highly sought-after walleye (also known as the pickerel). Known for being both plentiful and delicious, walleye fishing has quickly become a calling card for the area. With peak season running from July-August, those with access to a boat can easily get to the deepest parts of the lake where these fish thrive.


Pike fishing is one of the best ways to capture the ultimate selfie with a massive catch. These fish can reach up to 30-pounds, providing an exciting challenge for even experienced anglers. While fishing for Pike, it's not unusual to come across the occasional Muskie, which can weigh as much as 70 pounds. These two species, and they may attach to your line without warning, making for thrilling fishing stories and potentially world record-breaking catches.