spry farm petting zoo

The landscape of the Fort Frances area is truly one of a kind. Nestled right on the edge of the Canadian Shield, as one leaves the town the land eases from hardened rock to the warm fields that come to define the Prairie provinces and mid-west United States.

The Petting Zoos and Farm Tours are two of the most popular Agritourism opportunities people request!
Image courtesy The Spry Farm

spry farm honey

It’s here The Spry Farm exists, a place where time stands still and you have a chance to leave the city and enjoy rural farm life firsthand.

The Spry Farm is a family owned and operated, business offering: agritourism opportunities, canine services, and beekeeping & honey sales. The farm’s agritourism services include scheduled farm tours and petting zoos, allowing everyone the opportunity to enjoy a taste of “life on the farm.

Fresh, locally-made honey is an amazing treat to take home and share your Fort Frances experience with family and friends.

If you’ve never had a chance, it’s an amazing opportunity to schedule a farm tour any time! This is a great option for larger organizations or groups of friends/families who can split the cost and have the farm all to themselves.

You can meet all the animals, take a hay wagon ride along the groomed trails, spend time enjoying the sandbox, play structure, and yard games. All while your hosts tell you all about the rich history of the farm and the area.

To read about how the Spry family got into the Argitourism business, check out their story in Northern Ontario Business magazine!