Just because the snow falls and the ground freezes doesn’t mean the fun stops!

Canada is cold; it’s a stereotype but it’s true (in the winter anyways). When winter freeze sets in, the bears have the right idea, but we can’t hibernate, so what better excuse to lean into it and enjoy the most of Canadian winter and take part in new adventures!

With the Fort Frances Borderlands Snowmobile Club at the helm, there are a bevy of options to explore the area and all that it brings. The 8th Street Trails system is a prime wooded area that offers ski and snowmobile trails. Three different paths are marked for leisurely walks that offer year-round opportunities to explore.

Fort Frances is along one of the world’s most expansive and enjoyed snowmachine routes, perfect for short rides or long journeys across Ontario, Canada or into the United States.

Sliding is an affordable and active way for kids and adults alike to enjoy the winter months. With several different sliding areas you can make the most of a day outside!

Cross-country skiing trails make for challenging days out on the snow – you’re sure to work up a sweat!